FINCO Battery Monitoring System

The FINCO Battery Monitoring system is capable of monitoring batteries with standard voltages of 2V, 6V, and 12V, with a battery capacity of up to 3000Ah. It supports various voltage levels, including 48V, 110V, 220V, and 400V, making it suitable for a wide range of user requirements.

FINCO Battery Monitoring System is especially well-suited for applications with high reliability demands, such as Medical, Railway, Aviation, Telecom, Bank, and Electricity industries. By employing advanced testing technology and daily/weekly internal resistance measurements, it effectively assesses battery performance, aligning with the recommendations outlined in the IEEE1188 Standard.

Compared to conventional DC discharge performance test systems for batteries, FINCO BMS offers several key features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: It provides real-time monitoring of individual block impedance, voltage, temperature, and current, enabling precise and accurate battery assessment.
  • Automatic Inspection and Maintenance-Free Operation: The system performs automatic inspections, ensuring high speed and reliable performance with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: The BMS can report internal resistance on a daily or even hourly basis, as per the specific needs of the application.
  • Flexible Event Management: It offers diversified event management and alarm criteria, allowing customizable settings to meet specific requirements.
  • Detailed Historical Data Record: The system maintains a detailed historical data record, facilitating maintenance analysis and providing valuable insights.
  • Ethernet Network Management: With Ethernet network management, the BMS supports expansion and centralized monitoring, enhancing scalability and ease of monitoring.
  • IEEE1188 Best Practice Compliance: The BMS is designed to adhere to the best practices recommended by IEEE1188, ensuring high-quality battery management.
  • MODBUS TCP/IP Protocol: The system utilizes the MODBUS TCP/IP Protocol for communication, enabling seamless integration with existing systems.